O Christmas Tees, O Christmas Tees...

08 December 2011

The temperatures here have dipped down into the 30's, so I am aching to get a fire burning in the fireplace and a hot cup of tea brewing!  Looking at the weather map this morning it seems that most of you out there would welcome 30 degrees as an occassion to shed a few layers, but this is Houston, and the 30's equals an excuse to toss on the sweaters and scarves before we get back to the 70's next week.

Speaking of winter, 'tis the season, and Whitehall Shop is stocked with several cute Christmas Tees.  As you can tell, I was feeling partial to the stocking design.  You will have to excuse the terrible pictures.  We have had clouds for days and so I am going to blame it on the lighting (not the photographer learning how to use all the settings on her camera, of course).
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