Tools of the Trade

14 December 2011

This past summer, while enormously pregnant, Jon and I drove back home to Colorado to visit family and bring back the miscellaneous items that were still lingering at our parents' houses that didn't make the initial move.  Along with those items, I was the lucky recipient of my grandmother's old sewing machine!

While sewing had not been my vocation (or avocation, for that matter) previously, my mom did teach me how to use a sewing machine once, long ago, and I had a growing list of things that I wanted to make for the babies room.  So I giddily brought the machine to its new home and started in on my list of projects.

I made a crib skirt and matching curtains, but then hit a third trimester wall.  A pregnant lady can only do so much before she needs to lay down and have a cookie!  So even though the nursery is still minus one rocking chair seat cover (the fabric is ingloriously wrapped around the cushion right now...yikes, don't tell anyone!), I did manage to accomplish a love of sewing. 

It turns out that reading manuals actually can be helpful!  Who knew?  When I began the crib skirt, I could sew in a straight line, and nothing more.  My mechanically inclined husband even had to help me figure out how to wind the bobbin, but I am now sewing with not-so-reckless abandon (slow and steady wins the race, right?).

To make an increasingly long story short...thanks Grandpa and Grandma for the sewing machine!
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