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30 January 2012

Now that CT is nearing the big 6 months, it is time to get serious about this baby book business. 

I think that everyone wants to have a baby book, just to know that it is there, but how many people have even seen their own baby book in the last five years?  I know that it is important, but just how important is it?  When we were planning our wedding, I was set on making our wedding album myself.  Nearly 4 years later, it is still not here, and honestly, I am not in a hurry to get it done.  We do have wedding pictures everywhere, including scrolling on our computer screen saver, so it's not like we never see them, but the formal album is not yet missed.

As for a baby book, I don't want to put it off, especially since it needs to include details that I won't remember later, but I really don't want anything cheesy or something that is done just because that is what everyone does.  If it is worth doing, it should be worth doing right. 

I know that I do not want to spend money on a premade baby book.  They are expensive for what you get, and I feel like they are always incomplete.  If you forget to fill out one predetermined detail, it makes the book look unfinished.  If I don't remember the exact date that she first sat up, am I a bad mother?  I would like to think not.  So I have resolved to make CT's baby book, but what does it need to have to cover all of the bases?

Upon doing some research (looking up Amazon and Barnes and Noble for 10 minutes), it seems that 5 year baby books are popular right now.  Really?  I have to keep track of every minute detail for five years?  This is intensive!  I am thinking of something a little simpler. 

*Who attended the baby showers, and what gifts they gave.
*Majors firsts (word, tooth, food, etc.)
*Rough ages (crawling, sitting, talking, walking, etc.)
*Baptism details
*First Birthday details
*Mostly pictures

What else do you think is a must to include in the baby book?

On another note, I kind of want to scrap the baby book idea altogether and just start keeping a journal.  I feel that journaling the events day by day as they happen would be more special in the end, and we could just have a photo album for the mountains of baby pics.  We have a habit of keeping journals on both sides of my family, and I love reading what people wrote, even the mundane details.  My great great grandfather on my mother's side chronicled his daily activities, and it is fascinating to read about the details he chose to include, from his coming to America, to even the prices he paid for things nearly 100 years ago. 

Of course a journal would still include the first words and steps, since those would obviously be the highlights of those days, but it would also include so much more that I feel will just be forgotten otherwise.  The trouble is knowing if I have the resolve to stick with keeping a journal.  It wouldn't do much good if it covered the first enthusiastic week, and then trailed off into silence, with no baby book as backup for those memories.

What are your thoughts on the subject?  Do you keep a journal?  What are the things you like seeing most in your (or your child's) baby book?
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