Friday Inspiration: Calligraphy

20 January 2012

As a Southern girl, I am a huge fan of handwritten notes, and I am jealous to the nines of women who have beautiful handwriting.  I have been told that I have nice handwriting, but that is in a neat and easy to read sense.  I am not practiced at the sweeps of pen and ink that make writing beautiful.  Practice makes perfect, but there are so many things that I am practicing right now, that calligraphy will just have to wait.  While I do, I will continue to enjoy and admire the graceful penmanship of others.

There are so many talented people in this world and they inspire me daily. Here are some of the things from around the web that put a smile on my face:

Oh, wouldn't you love to get this in the mail!  I have a habit of saving every wedding invitation that we have ever received because they are so pretty and cheerful and I love going back to look at the calligraphy and the paper.  Anything that commands not one, but two envelopes is an occasion I can get behind!  Particularly if they are navy envelopes with silver ink like these from Rachel Carl on Etsy. Bonus points that Rachel is from Galveston, TX, just a little way down the road from here.  I love finding something amazing from somewhere local.

We are not a Jewish family, but I love this Ketubah by Risa Aqua Studio on Etsy.  A Ketubah is part of the Jewish marriage and is a signed contract that essentially lays out the man's responsibility to the woman.  I think, and judging by the language in this modern version, that it is a little more gender neutral these days.  I have wanted to have our wedding vows (beautifully calligraphed, of course) hung in our bedroom for a while now.  I think that it is a beautiful reminder of such a sacred commitment. 

Calligraphy?  Yes please! Letterpress, too?  Oh, it's almost more than my heart can handle!  These exquisite calling cards by Della Carta Studio on Etsy just melt me.  Images of fine silver calling card pedestals in grand plantation foyers come to mind.  If only I had people to call upon.  These are so much prettier than text messages that say "Wanna hang out?"

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Happy weekend!

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