Friday Inspiration: Quiet Books

27 January 2012

I am not a fan of the "Children should be seen and not heard," camp, but I am also a big believer that there is a time and a place for children's boistrousness, and airplane rides, doctor's offices, and church is not the proper time or place.  While some parents advocate the personal video game/DVD player method, I am currently loving quiet books (not saying that videos and DVD's don't have their place too, and quiet books don't really work for the school-age kids...but I do cringe when seeing a toddler plugged into a video game in the doctor waiting room). 

I was the lucky recipient of a quiet book as a child, courtesy of being a church kid in a small town, with very talented church ladies.  And that same beatifully made book still sits in my mom's cedar chest because when done well, these books can be heirlooms.  Right now we are very lucky because CT is at the age where she will pass out in the car seat or on Momma's lap, but soon enough, I will be making a quiet book for her, and there are so many great sources of inspiration for the pages online. 

There are so many talented people in this world and they inspire me daily. Here are some of the things from around the web that put a smile on my face:

I love the striking look of this bold and simple, but playfully beautiful color quiet book by Turnbow Designs on Etsy.  Each page inside has a beautiful fabric collage of a designated color, and the flowers can be unbuttoned from the front cover, and re-buttoned onto the correct color page inside.  I love the bold colors and the simple bold design and lettering. 

Here are some great patterns for the inside pages available from mjallday at Etsy.  I particularly love the abacus beads and the tic-tac-toe.  But the frog eating bugs, and Noah's Arc are sweet too.  I also like the closure idea with the buckle shown in the top left picture. 

This quiet book by lilliputloft on Etsy is a stunning example of the care and work that goes into some of these heirloom pieces.  I am not sure how many activities are included in this book, but the pictures and textures are so impressive.  I aspire to be this talented.  So beautiful!

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Happy weekend!
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