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13 January 2012

We have finally taken down our Christmas decorations and the house is looking a little emptier in a very clean way, as it always seems to this time of year.  It is so cozy to decorate to the nines at the end of the year, bringing out favorite Christmas items that I forgot we had.  But after the new year begins, it feels so refreshing to have a clean slate for a while.  Instead of deep reds and greens, fuzzy blankets, and rich foods, I want light blues and creams, cotton blankets, and fresh foods.

We are lucky in this part of Texas that, despite still being our coldest time of year, January has beautiful weather.  Just cool enough to light the occassional fire in the fireplace, but never so cold as to stop you from going out for a walk in the neighborhood.  I just want to crack open the windows, brew a good cup of tea, and get to sewing!

Now on to the good stuff...

There are so many talented people in this world and they inspire me daily. Here are some of the things from around the web that put a smile on my face:

This Treehouse Tea Towel by Jenna Rose Handmade on Etsy is so clean and simple, but pretty too.

I am also loving this Honeycomb Bucket by Jenna Rose Handmade.  I love that it is screenprinted.  Normally when I think of screen printing, I think of thickly painted t-shirts at souvenir shops in vacation towns, but Jenna uses water-based pigments on natural cotton canvas.  Beautiful!

These little ceramic pears from SkyeArt on Etsy are a perfect gift to give for Valentine's Day.  I am not big on the really mushy romantic side of Valentine's Day, and these are a sweet and unique way to say I love you without red cellophane. [On a side note, chocolates are always appreciated, 365 days a year. Just sayin']

Have a great weekend!

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