Garden and Gun

24 January 2012

I have been a Southern Living girl from way back, but I know have another southern magazine love.  I heard about Garden and Gun a while back, and then saw them again yesterday on the CBS Morning Show.  So I looked up their website, and fell in love.  Southern Living totally gets the pretty side of being southern.  It gets the side that likes to have brunch and chat with the neighbors.  Garden and Gun get the soul of the southerner.  It's not always tidy, but it does run deep. 

The first article I hit on was about Lyle Lovitt.  Who wouldn't love that?

I just wanted to put that out there in case anyone is wondering what sort of magazine subscription I might like for my birthday in a month....

One of my favorite articles was this one about Southern Women.  Click if you dare.  I guarantee you will love it.  Don't worry, it isn't all about gardens and guns, but that is in there too.
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1 comment:

  1. Wow, love your post. and I love that article about Southern women. It brought to mind a question though, if one lives or had lived in the South, marries a Southern man, gives birth to a Southern woman (an 8th generation Texan, at that)... could one become "southern" herself? The Southern Women article was so good. It describes a higher standard that all women could and should aspire to, but don't. Thanks for sharing. As for your birthday hint, consider it done - a subscription done in your name. I am sure that hint was for me, anyway ...