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16 February 2012

I have added a new section to the Whitehall Shop.  We are now offering the Whitehall Shop Appliques for sale individually.  So if you like the shapes and fabrics that Whitehall Shop offers, but want to create your own shirts or use the appliques for your own projects, now you can!

The appliques are backed with Heat 'n' Bond Ultra, so they are iron-on, and very simple to affix to your favorite items.  The best part is that with the Ultra, no sewing is needed!  I will caution that items that you intend to wash and wear repeatedly should be stitched for longer lasting wear. 

They are perfect for t-shirts, jean patches, backpacks, tote bags, home decor, or anything that you desire.  Since they are iron-on appliques, they shouldn't be used for anything that can't take the heat of a medium-high iron. 

I keep picturing several of the same applique lining the border of curtains and crib/bed skirts in kiddos' rooms.  I think that would be a sweet way to personalize a theme for a room, without using the cheesey pre-packaged sets that everyone else has.

The appliques can also be bonded to paper, to make sweet cards, invitations, or craft projects. 

They come with step-by-step instructions and are a breeze to add to your favorite items.

So click on over to the shop to see the latest designs.  And as always, if you would prefer another fabric style, a different size, or want to order a larger quantity, just convo me through the Etsy shop, or email me.

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