Friday Inspriations: Watercolors

24 February 2012

My birthday is coming up at the end of this weekend, and as a Picses I thought I would honor my water sign with a few watercolor paintings for this Friday's Inspiration.

There are so many talented people in this world and they inspire me daily. Here are some of the things from around Etsy that put a smile on my face:

These bicycles from Watercolor by Muren on Etsy are so colorful and intricate for what I normally think of as watercolor. 

This landscape by Fluid Colors on Etsy is so serene and I love the wintery feel.

This quirky depiction of a Parisian street is from Art Quirk on Etsy and the sunny colors, vertical height, and the topsy-turvy feel of the piece are so charming.

It all makes me think that I can use watercolors.  I so cannot.  Maybe someday.

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Happy weekend!
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