Never Plant a Bradford Pear

02 February 2012

Last week we had to cut down the tree in our backyard because it was cracked and a very large limb was aiming at our house.  It may not have fallen for another 10 years, but that wasn't a chance we wanted to take and every gust of wind sent a shiver of panic through me. 

The tree was beautiful and was the perfect tree for our backyard with one huge exception.  It was a classic shape, with a strong trunk and limbs that created a perfectly rounded canopy; the kind of tree that children draw.  It lost its leaves late in the season and budded in early spring with beautiful white flowers and deep green leaves.  It provided the best shade and we wanted it to last forever.  Unfortunately, we knew it wouldn't last.  Bradford Pears are notorious for fast growth (which is why they were planted all over the South in the last three decades), and easily broken limbs (which is why they are now collapsing all over the South). 

Now we are left with a big open space that is giving me one more reason to search Pinterest for backyard ideas.  Darn.  :) 

It has also left us with plenty of firewood.

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