St. Patrick's Day Shirts

22 February 2012

We do love a fun holiday in our house, and St. Patrick's Day definitely qualifies!  We make all manner of foods that taste awesome (but make the house smell "interesting"), have a beer, and pretend that we are way more Irish than we actually are.  And although it is not about the Irish, St. Pat's always puts us in the mood to watch Braveheart. 

And to share our love and luck, we have new St. Patrick's Day shirts in the shop.  Make sure your favorite little ones don't get pinched this March 17th!  These charming shirts are great for boys or girls.

If you would like to display your Irish pride year-round, you can add a Whitehall Shop shamrock applique to add to your own items.  Visit the 'Appliques' section of the shop.

Éirinn go Brách
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