Friday Inspiration: Preppy Kids

09 March 2012

In the old days, Preppy style came from the actual prep schools, and clothes modeled pretty close to that image.  Now there is a more playful side to prep style that uses the old school standards as a muse, but then jets off to fabulous destinations of color, texture, pattern, and style that really give the classic style a modern edge. 
I can't get enough modern prep!
There are so many talented people in this world and they inspire me daily. Here are some of the things from around Etsy that put a smile on my face:
The pattern on this pillowcase dress, by Baby Harrill, with its virbrant colors just sings Spring to me!
Every good prepster needs monograms!  And I almost died over the elbow patches, in a sophisticated plaid, of course.  This sweat shirt, by Alison Scott, is a great nod to prep style.
Type in "Argyle Hair Clips" on Etsy.  Go on, I'll wait.....I know, right!!! There are thousands!  Who knew?  These little pretties, from CVC Kids, caught my eye.  Love argyle.
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Happy weekend!
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