Friday Inspiration: Southern Cities

30 March 2012

In honor of my in-laws who visited us from Denver, by way of a quick trip through New Orleans, I thought that I would share the Southern Cities that inspire me the most this Friday.  Like I have said before, inspiration came come from anywhere, not just other products, and Dixie sure is inspiring!

New Orleans

Color, Art, Jazz, Cajun, Night, Voodoo, Creole, French.

Jackson Square & Saint Louis Cathedral

Oak Alley Plantation north of New Orleans


Tidewater, Rebellion, Pride, Gullah, Rainbow Row.

Broad Street & Saint Michael's Church


Art, Craftsman, Homebrew, Mountains, Biltmore.

Biltmore Estate

Blue Ridge Parkway


Gardens, History, Trees, Sweet Tea, Fancy Dress.
Forsyth Park

John Wesley in Reynolds Square


Hill Country, Casual, Lakes, Music, Family, Tex-Mex.

University of Texas Tower

Lady Bird Lake

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Happy weekend!
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