Friday Inspiration: Pottery Barn Kids

23 March 2012

So normally I like to highlight things that I find on Etsy.  I love handmade items and supporting artisans who are doing what they love and loving what they do (so cheesy, I know).  But this week, I am going to take a major turn towards one company that is making my heart sing with their kids toys. 

While I may not buy Pottery Barn items often, and I use their catalogs more as inspiration for my own projects, I have been downright smitten with some of their latest offerings for the kiddos.  I do not like, nor condone, the use of incredibly loud, flashy, electronic, ADD enhancing toys that most places seem to be selling these days.  Yes, children should have time to be loud and flashy, and even technically savvy, but toys that spark imagination in children, rather than flaunt the imagination of their creator, is the trend I like.

Here are some of my PB favorites:

Seeing as how we are still in the infant cushy-toys stage at our house, I love this sweet turtle.  He satisfies my fabric obsession too, with a colorful array of lovely patterns. 

I had a rubber stamp kit as a child and loved it.  I loved that stamping things made me feel official, like I was giving my seal of pink hearted and yellow smiley-faced approval to everything.

I love tea, and I hope that CT loves to play tea when she is a little older, because I think I am tailor made to be her afternoon tea companion.  This set is oh-so ladylike, and I think, honestly, totally ridiculous for kids, but adorable to look at and dream about.  And heart-shaped felt tea bags, yes please!

This one looks a little more real-world kiddo appropriate.  I love the girly colors and sweet designs.  Although the cups remind me of cowboy tin cups for eating rice and beans around a campfire.  But, this is Texas, and cowboy tins can go with girly tea time, right?

I think that under normal circumstances I would like this tea cart, but my particular circumstances remember far too many trips to Luby's after church on Sunday, and this cart reminds me of the sweet (but slightly scary) old Egyptian woman that would go around refilling every one's tea and water.  I know my grandmother would still remember her name if she were here. 

On a totally un-Luby's related note, I love the apron on the little girl.  I believe I already have the sweet lavender, green and yellow fabrics to make that one a reality!

Kids are meant to get dirty, even (and really I mean especially) the girls.  I think that boys and girls alike would love having some garden tools of their own to help out with.  Watching the growing process from seed to harvest was fascinating for me in my grandpa's garden.  I can't wait to build new memories like that with CT.

Darn, now I can't get Luby's out of my head.  I really want some chicken fried steak, bacony-delicious green beans, cornbread, and a slice of chocolate meringue pie.  Who's with me?

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Happy weekend!
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