Monogram Appliques Are In the Shop!

01 March 2012

Monogram appliques are now in the shop in the 'Customizable' section.  Monograms are still really big in the decorating and design world, and I am so glad they are.  I love them.  I would monogram everything in my house if I could.  Towels, table skirts, sheets, blankets, clothing, slipcovers, pillowcases, lamp shades, even the baby's carseat if I could. 

If you want to do a three-letter monogram, just email me, and I can create a larger letter for the center.  Also, I can customize the size of the letters for any project that you are working on. 

I already have listings posted for those of you who may want to spell out a whole name using these fabric letters.  Just click on the 3, 4, or 5 letter listings, and you can spell out whatever you wish!  If you have more letters than five, you can either do the math and add two listings to your cart (like a 3 and 4 letter listing if you need 7 letters) or you can email me and I will create a custom listing for you. I would be happy to do that if it is less confusing.  As a nine-letter-name myself, there was no intention of name discrimination.  :)
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