Pacifier Leash Tutorial

28 March 2012

After losing two pacifiers in a violent (car running over them after being dropped in the street on a walk that I didn't realize until we were on our way back home and saw the crushed paci lying on the ground) fashion (There were tears on my end, though I don't think the baby noticed.).   I decided that, indeed, it was time to make a pacifier leash.

I have found some tutorials online, and they are valid and good.  Here is my take (lots of pictures, but really not that many steps {beginner-level sewing involved}):

Materials needed:

26" of Grosgrain ribbon (mine was 5/8" wide)
13" strip of iron-on fusing (I used sewable Heat 'n' Bond, and cut the strip from a larger sheet)
1 suspender clip (they come in packages of two)
snap tool (the blue contraption in the picture)
one set of snap pieces (mine were size 16 - and came with the snap tool)

Here is the ribbon is used...cute pink dots.

Step One: Iron the rough side of the fusing strip to the back side of half of your ribbon.  You only need to press for a couple of seconds.

 (Please excuse the college-era ironing board cover)

 Step Two: Remove the paper backing to the interfacing, and fold the other half of the ribbon over onto the part you just ironed. Iron the two sides of ribbon together, making one double-sided 13" strip.

I ironed toward the fold, to make sure the the ends lined up.

Step Three: Sew along both edges of the ribbon strip in a straight stitch.  If you use the no-sew Heat 'n' Bond, you could skip this step, but since CT likes to chew on the strap as much as the pacifier, I figured stronger is better.

Step Four: Fold over the rough cut end of the strip once (about 1/4"), and press with iron to hold it in place.  I used a pin as I pressed to keep my fingers out of the way.

Step Five: Slide that folded end through the suspender clip (make sure to slide it towards the back, so your folded seam will be on the back side of the clip), and fold it over 1/2", and pin it in place.

Pinned in place with rough ends tucked inside.

Step Six: Sew a straight stitch across the seam you are creating.  Make sure to sew through the 1/4" fold on the outside of the loop. 

Step Seven: Place the bottom prong of your snap in the snap tool. 

Lay your ribbon strip over the pronged piece, so that the strip comes about 1/8" - 1/4" past the snap. 
Make sure to lay the ribbon down with the back side facing up.  That way, once it is snapped together, the back will stay the back, and the front will look cleaner.

Close the middle layer of the snap tool.  

Lay your snap into the circle on top of the fabric.

Close the top of the snap tool, and hammer a couple of times (not too hard, but firmly).

 Step Eight: Repeat Step Seven with the other side of the snap, about 1 1/4" in front the first snap piece.  (I eyeballed the measurements -the main goal is to set the snaps far enough apart that you can wrap the ribbon between them around the pacifier.)

Step Nine: Lay down the pacifier, and loop the ribbon around it, snapping it into place.

And then you are done!

Since the suspender clips come two-to-a-package, I went ahead and made two leashes.  As mentioned before, the leash is now just as big of a hit as the paci these days.

I hope you find this helpful.  Let me know if you have any questions in the comments.
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