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17 April 2012

By now, you are familiar with my love of Pinterest, no?
I do consider myself an above average Pinterest enthusiast for one reason:  I actually try some of the things I have pinned.  I know!  Hard to believe, right?

Granted, with a current count of 1744 pins, I don't do/own/eat/decorate like everything I pin on Pinterest, but I have tried my best.

The two latest undertakings are making Dulce de Leche from a can of Sweetened Condensed Milk, and growing an avocado tree from seed (that came out of an avocado from the grocery store). 

Here is the Dulce de Leche...

It is delicious spread onto graham crackers, and I am planning some sort of bread pudding using it this week (if I can keep my spoon out of it in the mean time).

Here is the Avocado tree...
Holy hard water stains.  Sorry about the glass,
but three weeks of hard water will do that.

Impressive, right?  What?  You don't look impressed.

Okay, okay, so it's not a tree just yet, but it is on its way!  We started with a seed months ago, but nothing ever happened.  We figured that we had it hanging the wrong way or something, so we started over.  Now, within three weeks, we have a big giant crack in the seed!  It was just a regular seed from the grocery store, and now it is a growing seed.

Now, before you start being extra nice to me in hopes of getting some avocados from my tree, I will warn you that I once read a short story by Gary Soto about his grandfather's avocado tree that took 15-20 years to get the first good edible fruit.  It was a story about patience.  I am afraid that mine might wear down before then.  But for now we are excited!

What things have you done/made/eaten from your Pinterest boards?
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