Friday Inspiration: Fonts

13 April 2012

So now that you have been furiously downloading all the free fonts you can find, what to do with them?

Have no fear.  Pinterest is here!  There are so many home craft projects on Pinterest that all use varied fonts and graphics.  Some people are so talented and write free-hand.  I have neat handwriting, but not pretty.  So for every project I see that uses letters, I think stencil, transfer paper, print it straight off the computer, etc.  And now with so may pretty fonts, there is no limit to the possibilities.  Here are a few of my favorite projects from favorite blogs, and from Pinterest.

Family Rules Project

Hand Painted Signs

Custom Stationery

So this last one was professionally done, but you can certainly create you own cards, notes, invitations, etc. with the amazing free fonts that are available.

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Happy weekend!
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