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04 April 2012

You know when you are young (I am still pretending that I can get away with saying that for a little while longer), and have a new[ish] house, and have a new[ish] baby, and you are still eating off the same dishes you had in college, and you have no decorations for holidays beyond Christmas?  Well that is still kind of us.  Except that we are getting far enough away from the new-ness of everything that we are running out of excuses. 

So in the spirit of bringing in a little spring, and adding to our Easter decorations, I decided to sew up this little cutie banner for the mantle.  It is made of paper and sewn together.  I love sewing paper.  It is quick and fun, and requires practically no sewing skills.

I started by printing out the letters I wanted on sheets of cardstock (I made the letters 2" x 3").  I used brown cardstock because it was my thickest, and I planned on painting it Easter pastels.  If you have a thick paper that is already the pretty color you want, by all means, use it.

I, then, cut out the letters (painted them) and circles in coordinating colors.  I didn't worry about the circles being thick paper, since they are smaller, and didn't need the extra support.  Some were paper, some were card stock.  Either will go through the sewing machine nicely.

Next I laid out the letters and circles in the order that I wanted them displayed (so that I didn't have too many of one color grouped together...it takes a lot of planning to appear random).  I stacked them in order so that they would all be within easy reach at the sewing machine.  The two stacks of circles are for the beginning and end of the banner, and each letter has a circle behind it.

Then I went to my handy-dandy sewing machine, and with white thread (or any color you want), I began sewing, in a straight stitch, the first pile of dots, then the letter pile, then the final pile of circles.

This is what she looked like when done. 

And here she is hanging on the mantle.  She was a little long, but the sides can be taken up easily by attaching the tails a few circles in from the end.

In keeping with our banner sentiment, I do hope that you all have a
meaningful Holy Week and and splendid Easter!

{This post has been updated with photos of the garland in front of our updated fireplace.  It looks so much better against the new white mantle.  Check it out here.}

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