How to Download Free Fonts

11 April 2012

So, have you seen these pins on Pinterest?

If you are as font crazy as I am, you probably want to download every free font you see.  When I worked in children's ministries a couple of years ago, I learned how using sundry* fonts greatly improved the presentation of the materials I put together.  Even though I am not putting together those same items, I still love having fonts to choose from for my own personal projects (CT's birth announcements, Christmas cards, decorating stencils, etc.).

Now on to the goods...

Here is how you get those fonts from those lovely Pinned style sheets to your computer.  There are several ways to do this.  The steps below are fairly universal for all operating systems.  It seems long, but it is not, and your new beautiful font options are worth it!

Step One: Go to one of the style sheets that you like.  Don't have any currently?  Just search "free fonts" on Pinterest and you will find a gold mine in the search results.  Click through to the original source of the style sheet (clicking away from Pinterest...sob...sob...It's not goodbye, just see you later my addictive friend).  {Alternately, you can go directly to a font site, like, and search for a font you like there.  But this is a tutorial for how to get the cute one you saw on Pinterest onto your computer!}

Step Two: Most of the style sheets are found on personal blogs where the blog author has linked the fonts to the source where the fonts can be downloaded.  Click onto the link they have provided to get to the original source.  {If they have not provided a link (for shame!), try entering the font name into's search and see if it comes up}

Step Three: Once you have the font site up, click the 'Download' button.  This can be in a different spot on every site, but here it is on the far right.

A Pottery Barn font?  Oh, yes please!

Step Four: Save the zipped file to you computer (somewhere that you can find it later, like your desktop). Don't click 'Open'.

I am downloading the 'Handwriting Draft' font here.

Step Five:  Go to the place where your zip file is saved on your computer.  Right click and unzip the file.  If your computer has WinZip, go ahead and use that.  Mine didn't, so I downloaded 7-Zip for free, which you can do here.  You want to extract the files (get them out of the zipped file).

Step Six: Your extracted files will end up in a new icon in the same place that your zipped file was (unless you told it to save somewhere else).  Open this new unzipped folder and find the font icon (The one that has the two 'T's.  Sometimes they have an 'O' or an 'A'.).  Right click on this icon and copy it. 

Step Seven: Find your 'Fonts' file on your computer by going to the start-up menu, and clicking 'Run' and typing 'Fonts' in the search field.  This will take you straight to the Fonts folder on your computer.  Paste the new font into the Fonts folder.

Step Eight: Make sure that it worked by opening a Word document.  Click into your font list in Word, and you should see the new font listed alphabetically.

Yeah, back to Pottery Barn. 

Step Nine:  Get creative with your new fonts!  But more on that coming up on Friday.

*Yes, I totally dropped a 'sundry' on you.  It means 'various,' and it hasn't been in regular use since the 1800's.  I think it should make a comeback.
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