Orange Dreamsicle Pie

09 April 2012

I hope that you all had a wonderful Easter Sunday.  We had a beautiful day with beautiful weather, and this pie!

Easter requires a fun and springy dessert.  And since we fought off having Easter candy in the house this year, I had a vicious sweet tooth.  Enter Orange Dreamsicle Pie.

I didn't have a recipe for this, so I used a recipe for Lemon Cream Cheese Pie from a book as a jumping off point.   I switched the lemon juice for orange, vanilla pudding mix for lemon flavored, and added some orange extract.  The original also yielded two pies, and I halved it.

Here is the recipe...

Pre-bake a pie shell.

1/2 cup sugar
1/4 cup cornstarch
pinch of salt
1 1/4 cups cold water

In a medium saucepan, combine all above ingredients , whisking until smooth.  Cook and stir over a medium heat until thickened and bubbly.  Reduce heat and cook two minutes longer. Remove the pan from heat.

3 egg yolks, beaten
3 Tbsp. butter
3 Tbsp. orange juice

Stir a small amount of the hot mixture into the eggs to temper.  Return the egg mixture to the saucepan and whisk.  Return to a boil, whisking constantly, and cook for two minutes longer. 

Remove the pan from heat.  Stir in the butter until melted, then stir in the orange juice.  Cool for several hours or overnight.

4 oz. cream cheese (1/2 pkg.)
7 oz. sweetened condensed milk (1/2 can)
1/2 pkg. vanilla flavored instant pudding mix
3 Tbsp. orange juice
1/2 tsp. orange extract
Food coloring if desired (2 red drops, and 3 yellow drops)

In a mixer, beat the cream cheese and condensed milk until smooth,  Add in the pudding mix, orange juice and extract, and beat until smooth.

Add in the cooled mixture from above.  Beat just until smooth.

Pour into a pre-baked pie shell.  Refridgerate for several hours.

Top with whipped cream.

Whipped cream

1 cup whipping cream
1 Tbsp. sugar

Beat together in a mixer at high speed until you can pull out firm peaks.

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  1. This looks amazing! I'm so excited about making this!

    1. It is worth it! I might have to make it again myself.