Friday Inspiration: Knitting

18 May 2012

Today in Houston, it will be in the nineties.  Schools only have two more weeks in session, swimming pools are heating up, and iced tea is once again a mandatory fridge staple.  Summer time is here (regardless of the fact that it isn't officially here until June 21st).

So why am I posting about knit items, you ask?  Well, read this post, and you will see that knitting is on the brain lately, and so an inspiration post about knitting we shall have!

According to how may pins I see on Pinterest, I would say that the tiny little world of cozies is exploding.  From those cute handmade knits to replace the Starbucks paper sleeve, to a cozy for your apple (though I have absolutely no idea why your apple would need one), they are everywhere.  I like this little cutie from Little Buttons and Bows on Etsy. 

And heaven forbid our wine bottle get chilly!  Shoppe Bare on Etsy has your favorite vintage taken care of!  I giggled when I saw this, so I figured that I would share. 

This blanket, by Heavenly Pam on Etsy, is a fabulous example of the kind of complicated knitting that I am nowhere near being able to do.  I love the beautiful cable knit pattern.  This is a beautiful piece of art, that looks oh-so snuggly. 

This little bunny, by Bi Bi og Blaka on Etsy, is too cute.  I love a handmade stuffed animal, and it takes a good measure of skill to be able to knit a 3-D little sweetie like this bunny. 

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Happy weekend!

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