Knitting Away

17 May 2012

I began knitting this baby blanket for CT a little over a year ago when I was pregnant. Then I was struck by the great pregnancy energy embargo of 2011.  CT needed every last ounce of energy I had, and for the next several months I was a dud.  I could float in the pool, sit in a chair with iced tea in hand, and well, that was pretty much it. 

Lately though, my hands have felt too idle.  They were itching for a project, and so when I stumbled upon this half-finished little guy in the closet, I was pleased as punch. 

Now, I am barely proficient at knitting.  I only know one kind of stitch, and my repertoire is limited to scarves and blankets (straight stitching with no counting or complication).  I would love to learn more technique as I go, but right now I enjoy that I have mastered this stage and can knit away, mistake-free, for hours five minutes until the baby wakes up.

I have to say that after a while, the endless amount of time I could waste on Pinterest and other entirely idle activities isn't enough.  Sometimes I need to tune out, but I am discovering more and more that tuning out doesn't mean that I can't also be productive in that time.  Reading a good book, and knitting are two favorite hobbies, that don't leave me feeling like I am wasting life away after spending an hour engrossed in them. 

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