Planting Basil

08 May 2012

One small (really tiny) step at a time, I am determined to grow an herb garden.

Two years ago we planted a bunch of seeds, hoping for a delicious bounty.  It didn't happen.  I would show you what my planters look like right now, but I am ashamed at how they are grown over with winter wheat, that has now died, because it is no longer winter.  Pathetic.

This year, we found the remaining unplanted seeds from two years ago, and decided to plant them to see if they were still viable.  By and large, the answer was, "No."

However, we had one little sweet basil spring up, and we are just pleased as punch that he did. 

Inspired by this little guy, we got more seeds and will be inching our way closer to that tasty herb garden.  Slow and steady, right?

What herbs are you growing?  How did you start your garden?

Thinking about our basil reminds me of my Grandma Mary who was from the East Coast and pronounced it Baa-sil, instead of Bay-sil.  Love those memories.

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