15 May 2012

Creative post title, right?  My brain is still trying to process just how much rain we have gotten, so "Rain" it is.

As this nifty little graph (that my science teacher husband found for us) shows, our area received just about ten inches of rain over two days.  Look at the bottom half of the graph (not the blue top half), and then look at how the green line shoots into the air like a skyscrapper! 

Now you will also notice that we were already well above our noraml rainfall totals for the year.  A wonderful fact, considering that last year's chart looked like this:

Yes, you are looking at that correctly, 30 inches less that what we were supposed to have.  2011 Was a desert in Houston.  We are already ten inches above what we received last year, and already even with what we would normally receive by mid-August.

No wonder the grass is growing, the flowers are blooming, and the birds are chirping!

The wonderful rain is not without its downsides.

Friday night, I got about three hours sleep because it was doing this all night:

And I was worried about this:

And in one section of our county, the ground couldn't handle all the rain, so it is doing this:

Yeah, that video shows an 80 foot canyon with a waterfall, a quarter-mile long. It used to be a flat drainage greenbelt.

10 inches is a lot of rain in 28 hours!

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