Catching Up

09 June 2012

Since I last posted, we have been busy enjoying the heck out of ourselves.  I would say that I am sorry for the blog silence, but when it is traded for baby giggles in our home, I am not really that sorry.

Here are some of the things that have made me a happy girl lately...

*Stirring honey into my Earl Grey tea every morning.

*Dancing in the kitchen with CT while we make dinner, just to see her smile.

*Swimming in the pool with Jonny because he is off for the summer and we can!

*Taking a tour of the garden every morning and seeing the daylillies, agapanthus, hibicus, begonias, and impatiens in bloom in the morning sun filtering through the maple trees.

*Reading and singing to CT before nap time in the sweet wooden rocking chair that I bought 9 years ago at a second hand store, knowing that it took good care of a momma and her babies before, and it would someday take good care of me and my babies.

*Feeling productive, getting more artwork finished for the Etsy shop, and getting ready for the Firecracker Fair in Sugar Land on July 1st.

*Watching thunderstorms with Jonny as they build and roll in.

*Walking in the neighborhood every morning and being a big ol' looky loo at everyone's homes and gardens.

*Writing in a journal every night about our days so that I don't forget all the small good bits, and actually keeping up with it.

*Realizing in the moment that I am blessed and happy and such a lucky girl.
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