1st Birthday Invitation

23 July 2012

Being such a nut for pretty stationery and beautiful invitations, I have dreams that far exceed my budget for most occasions.  However, I do have a computer, and a will to make it happen.  For CT's 1st birthday, I wanted something sweet and pastel that used multiple fonts. 

I searched all of the usual websites that sell invitations for ideas, then combined the things I loved from each favorite.  I have fallen for the bunting trend.  I am hoping that it doesn't go away too soon.  I think it can be so versitile, and is perfect for little girl birthday parties.  I am also in love with gray. I had to use it for the typeface.  And who doesn't love a little polka dot?  The bunting, and polka dots will be making an appearance at the party as well.

I am very new to the world of Photoshop (and only have the paired down Elements version in the first place), and I was going for quick, so a big learning curve on this project didn't appeal to me.  I honestly used PowerPoint to create the 5x7 invitation, and saved it on my computer as a jpeg. 

Now I will say that I did change my PowerPoint settings (through this nifty online tutorial) to save at a higher resolution.  PowerPoint automatically saves at a lower resolution that is just fine for presentations (and smaller file sizes), but not so great for quality printing.  Being that this is an art household, the higher resolution is needed more often than smaller file size.

Once I had my jpeg, I cropped it to be 5x7 (in MS Office Picture Manager) and printed the invites out on bristol board.  I love the thickness and texture of bristol board and didn't have time to get out anywhere to pick up something different, so I went with it (we were going for quick, remember).

I love the look of the final invitations, and I can't wait to celebrate this baby girl's 1st birthday!

What are your favorite trends in stationery and birthday invitations?
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