It's the Little Things...

14 July 2012

No Label Brewing Co. at the old Katy rice silos.

Every now and then, I get really down thinking about the things that I am not doing, and not recognizing the good things that I am doing.  That gets in the way of doing even more good things.  Have I lost you yet?  This year, according to my 'scientific' study of Pinterest, is the year of the summer "bucket list."*  I love the idea that we write down all the fun things that we want to do and cross some of them off each week.  That way the summer doesn't pass us by with only hours of TV watching accomplished and adventures left un-had. 

The problem with this idea, is that I only think of the big things on the bucket list, and forget that there are plenty of small accomplishments that are worth keeping in the memory box.  Okay, so we have only gone to the beach once this summer, so far.  That's okay, we have done plenty of other rewarding things to feel good about, and the TV has been crickets for weeks.  With a little one, the big things are tricky, and the small moments are amazing.  Every season has its song.

In the spirit of recognizing the whole 'bucket,' if you will, I have taken to the idea of being publically accountable for noticing the small things.  I love Pleated Poppy's What I Wore Wednesday posts that keep her accountable for getting out of those yoga pants, and Jeanette's InstaFriday posts that keep her snapping pictures, so that the small moments aren't missed for lack of a good camera.

So here is this week's list of deeds done.  Maybe I will come up with a snazzy name for these posts (and maybe I will tire of them after a week or two, who knows).  I will also try to add more pics next time.
  • Made Peach Jam
  • Had venison steaks and smoked wild hog sausage with the neighbors (very tasty despite my initial hesitation)
  • Set up new shelves for Whitehall Shop (dining room doubling as workshop = chaos; bookshelves = serenity...ahhhh)
  • Watched Sherlock Holmes (the 2nd one), and loved it.
  • Went to the library with CT, and got more books.  Also rifled through the genealogy center where I can't wait to spend hours of time someday researching the family line that began in this area! (History nerd alert)
  • Uploaded a new gallery to Shutterfly for the family.  Do you use Shutterfly?  Did you use Kodak Gallery before the change-over?  Discuss.
  • Put the crib down a level since CT has discovered sitting/kneeling up in bed (so adorable, and so scary at the same time).
  • Switched out 6-9 month baby clothes for 9-12 months.  I cannot believe how fast time is flying.
  • Stayed cozy inside during The Week of Rain (said with epic-worthy thunderous voice).  No seriously, it has not stopped raining! 
  • Took a trip to Half-Priced Books, because rainy days need good books, and we have read CT's current library ad-nauseum, and need some fresh rhymes (in the Dr. Seuss sense, not the Will Smith circa 1992 sense).
  • Went for a walk under cloudy skies, that quickly turned to sprinkles.  Decided to keep going, then rain, then running, then giving up and turning around, then downpour, then running faster, then laughing uncontrollably while running like a big dork in the monsoon, then finally getting home and seeing that the baby is smiling and enjoying her crazy stroller ride in the rain.
  • Visited No Label Brewing Co. for Saturday tasting day, enjoyed sunny weather, good Hefeweisen, and a country view under the old rice silos in old Katy.

What did you do this week?
*Everytime I hear the word 'bucket,' I think of that British show Keeping Up Appearances that would be on PBS at night.  The main character's name was Hyacinth Bucket, but she was very concerned with her image, and was constantly correcting people, "It's pronounced 'Bou-quet,' Dear."  So now, I hear that highly pitched voice saying Bouquet everytime someone talks about a bucket.  Anyone else know what I mean?  Am I alone on this island?  Yeah, probably am.
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