Keeping Up

24 July 2012

At Sugar Land Memorial Park

Getting sick is no fun.  It is even less fun when there are so many things that I want/need to be doing.  So the list for this week is a little light, as far as summertime goes, but here are some of the things we have been up to this week:
  • Went to Sugar Land Memorial Park (more on that later)
  • Made more jam (peach and a mixed berry this time).  Yes they are delicious!
  • Added moldings to the fireplace and painted it white (more on that later too!)
  • Finished reading Theodore Rex (highly recommended, by the way)
  • Created and mailed out the invites for CT's 1st Birthday Party (I cant believe we are here already)
  • Photographed more appliqu├ęs for the shop (will be getting them list soon!)
  • Visited Wild West World, a very quirky little shop in Richmond, TX with a very small farmer's market and a whole lot of found pieces that are fun to rifle through.
  • Watched round the clock news coverage of the theater shooting in Aurora.  Aurora is home for us, and we had been to that movie theater several times in high school.  There really aren't words, so I won't even try.
  • Hopped in the pool for the first time in a while.  The near constant rain over the last weeks finally let up!
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