05 July 2012

If you are an impatient gardener, then pumpkins are for you!  We planted these seeds just 6 days ago!  I love the idea of starting plants from seeds (though loving the idea and having success in the venture are two very different things), and normally we patiently wait the 7-14 days for the seeds to sprout.  Not so with these guys.  After one day, the poked up to say, "Howdy," above the soil.

We saved the seeds from a pie pumpkin last fall, dried them out, and stored them in fridge.  We are aiming for smaller sweeter pumpkins for cooking, instead of large jack-o-lantern types.  Just search 'pumpkin' on Pinterest to see why.  We will have lots of cooking/baking to do this fall!

We now need to thin down the seedlings, so that the strongest have room to grow (and grow they will!).  We will only keep two of the little guys shown...heartbreaking to pull up the others. Some days I which we had acres to grow rows and rows pumpkins.  Once we are pruning back the fast-moving vines, I am sure that I will have a change of heart about that idea.  But for now....what a showing!

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