1st Birthday Cake

29 August 2012

Who needs a bakery when you have a friend like Ms. Stephanie.  You know those people that always say they started their uber successful bakery by making cake for friends, and they just kept getting requests, well that is the case here, except that she refuses to take anyone's money.  So a successful business is not in the works, but a great friend and baker made two wonderfully sweet birthday cakes for our little girl.
Here is the big cake that we cut up for everyone.  We wanted a simple design.  I am not a big fan of over-the-top tv style cakes.  They are works of art, but we would rather start simple traditions for birthdays than create huge expectations.

Because Ms. Stephanie is amazing and always goes the extra mile for friends, she made an identical smash cake for CT to have all to herself (and for me to secretly sneak bites from after the party...shhhh, don't tell.)

And here is the little one herself, giving the cake her best.  She did a pretty good job tearing it up when all was said and done.  She consumed more sugar in that one setting than she has in her entire life up to that point, but that is what first birthdays are about, right? 
So the bar was set pretty high this year, but we are so thankful for dear friends, and great cake!
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1 comment:

  1. That was some good cake... I should have had that for lunch on the plane back to CO. One of the best First Birthday parties I have ever been to. Little Miss Birthday Girl was so good that day... she was loving the attention, too... that's where the expectations will be in years to come. Love MEMA