Keeping Up II

28 August 2012

Well, it certainly has been a while since I last checked in with one of these updates.  I started them in the hopes that I would be accountable for getting up and going more often than not.  We have projects to get done, places to see, people to visit, and quality time to spend together.  The hope is that by writing it all down, we will be more likely to do those good things, instead of lay around and watch TV. 

It has been a crazy month since we last chatted.  Not so much for the speed at which it has passed, but for the events that have transpired.  So let's get to it...

  • Jonny's parents came to visit from Colorado and celebrate CT's birthday a little early.  We ate and played and ate and played.  It was beautiful.
  • CT got to meet her maternal grandfather (my dad) for the first time when we all met in Austin.  Full circle alert: We lunched on some Mexican at the same place my parents used to take me when I was a kid. 
  • My mom came to visit from Colorado for a whole week as we got ready for CT's party.  More eating and playing.  More beauty.
  • Grandpa Mickey passed away (more on that here).  We went to Austin again for the memorial.
  • We celebrated CT's big first birthday with a party at the house.  Good cake and great friends abounded.
  • We had a great time splashing around in the backyard pool. 
  • It is now back to school time, and we are trying to find our routine again as Jonny heads back to the classroom and the football field.
  • After having blank stares while trying to come up with dinner ideas, we decided to try some of the Pinterest recipes I have been coveting for far too long.  It has been a little hit or miss, but adding a little variety to the ol' menu has been great.
  • We have taken in a few pre-season football games on the tele.  As always, we were ready for football season to start before the last one ended. 
  • I started watching Season 1 of Downton Abbey on Netflix, and wouldn't you know it, Season 1 was finished within one day.  Hmmm...strange how that happens.*
  • I have been whittling away at the stack of magazines that has piled up since before CT's birth.  I have already finished with the backlog of started, but never finished, books.  I didn't have any weird pregnancy things (cravings, moods, etc.), but I will say that I did not read one word until she was born.  I don't know if was an energy thing, or what.  But it wasn't happening.  Now I am back at it, and I can't read fast enough. 
  • I am participating in Edie's classical book club on Life in Grace (see the colorful button in the right column), and we are starting with The Odyssey by Homer.  So excited!

*Since Downton Abbey is aired through Masterpiece Theater, I consider it educational, and not a waste of time, under the previously mentioned goal of more doing and less tv-ing. 

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