Easy DIY Collage Photo Frames

18 September 2012

Tomorrow's post will be all about the recipes we have tried from Pinterest.  But recipes aren't the only tricks I have picked up from Pinterest.  There have been a few projects around the house that came from Pinspiration.  Although, one of them required a reincarnation after the first attempt was more deserving of the Craft Fail blog than showing you fine folks.
I originally meant to duplicate this:

We have so many photographs, and not enough surface space to put frames on (until we build these).  So I loved this idea.  My left brain loves how organized and clean it looks.

The original frames, sans photos

We had a pile of frames that we picked up at a garage sale for less than five dollars, and so I set to printing out pictures.  A lot of pictures.  I loved them all and couldn't edit them down, so I included all of them.  You'll notice the example piece has 16 photos.  I had around 30, for each frame.  It was bad news bears.

The end result was so bad that I didn't even want to take a picture of it.  It was a hodge podge mess of pictures strung on twine that you couldn't even see.  The pictures would slide into each other, covering important faces.  And since I didn't have nifty clothespins, I just rolled tape around the twine and stuck the pictures to the tape.  Except that they didn't always stick, and there would be photos lying on the floor, and exposed tape hanging on the twine.  So un-pinworthy.

Then left brain leaped back into action and came up with this idea:

I edited the photos down to be the same height on the computer, added a slight shadow bevel on the pictures in Word to give them a little dimension, then printed them (on regular paper, which looks just fine, and costs less so I can switch out the pics every now and then).  I took a heavyweight piece of Bristol paper (the back matte side of poster board would work too), cut it to the size of my frame, and then glued the pictures onto the paper.  I measured the rows to make sure they were straight, but I like the random look of having the pictures not line up in columns (right brain had to have a say somewhere).

We also spray painted the frames white, and I used a little left over wall paint to fill in the area that was covered in olive velvet ribbon on the original frame (I am pretty sure the ribbon was older than I am). 

I love the look now, and am so happy that we have all these pictures up in the house.  They help it feel like home, especially since we are far away from family. 

From a distance, you can't see the detail of the individual pictures really well, but with the chair right next to them (yes, it is a patio chair masquerading as an indoor chair...don't judge), it is a great spot to sit and look at all of the pictures/memories.  I love when family members visit, catch a glimpse of a picture that they think they recognize, and then go in for a full examination.  Great stories always ensue. 

Have you tried any gallery-style projects from Pinterest?  Please share pictures if you have!  I would love to see them.
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