If I lived in a city...

14 September 2012

It would have to be Boston.  I think.  I also love the idea of New York, but I think it is just to self-conscious and big for me.  I love the idea of D.C. too, but I think the politics would grate on my nerves.  I do love going into Houston, but the traffic isn't very fun.  Chicago seems alright, but just alright.  I didn't even think of L.A. or San Francisco right away, since I am so not a California girl.  And I do love a good Southern city, but they all seem too sweet, and not 'city' enough.  Does that even make sense? Oh, I hope I haven't offended anyone.

I do think Boston is the winner for me.  Just the right mix of history and modern, charm and vitality.  I have only been once, but I was smitten. 

Of course I would need a cute little apartment in a timeless neighborhood (not really being one for trendy), and a new city girl wardrobe to go with all seasons, and a cool city job, like editor at a top rate publishing company.  Totally do-able, right? 

If you could live anywhere, what city would you live in (or do you already love living in)?  I need details!

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