Keeping Up III

03 September 2012

Okay, so this past week has been a bit slack.  We are getting back into the groove of the school-year schedule, and that means that not a lot gets accomplished, other than making sure we are all washed, fed, and as rested as we can be.  The three-day weekend did help lift out spirits though.  I won't even make this a list, since I was taught in school that to have a proper bullet point list, you need at least three items, and I can only come up with two.  We enjoyed some back yard pool time, and we had a delicious brunch on Sunday, featuring the above pictured Blueberry Breakfast Cake.  Yes, it was even more delicious that it looks. 

I have thoroughly been enjoying a slice (or two) each day since.  There is something about a breakfast cake/coffee cake that reminds me of my grandmother.  I can't say that I specifically remember her having coffee cake around all the time (except for Christmas mornings), but something about it seems so sociable, just like she was.  While I don't have social friends that come calling for a mid-afternoon chat (please tell me stories if you do!), I do love to heat up some tea, lay a slice of cake on a fancy little plate, and think of Grandma Mary and the great chats she must have had over the years.

By the way, the Blueberry Breakfast Cake recipe was from Pinterest.  You can follow all of my pin boards, here.
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  1. Your G'ma Mary would make a delicious coffee cake any the time when company was coming and staying overnight. I have at least one of her recipes. :D

    1. You know you can't say that without sharing said recipe now, don't you? :)