Keeping Up IV

10 September 2012

My goodness, has it been a week already?  Here is the latest:
  • The temperatures have finally crept back down into walking weather.  And a walking we have been!
  • I have finally started painted the magnolia picture that will hang over the fireplace (more on the fireplace tomorrow).  It is a painting based on a photograph I took the first time we went to Bayou Bend (pictured above). I wanted something large and graphic (the design kind of graphic, not the avert your eyes kind).  I hope my skills are up to the challenge.  It is all black and white, so it is paint shade mixing time!
  • We made the most delicious lemon ice-box pie ice cream from a Southern Living recipe in the magazine.  Oh man, it sent me right back to my childhood and First United Methodist Church.  Hello memories!  You must try it.  Here is the recipe.
  • Football practices are in full swing, and we are missing Jonny terribly. 
  • Being the football household that we are, we are counting up the wins from this weekend!  The University of Texas, Houston Texans, and Denver Broncos all won this weekend.  But the most important win came from our Alma Mater, The University of Northern Colorado, with their first win since 2010!!!!  GO BEARS!!! 
  • Lest you be concerned, we changed out our flags and are currently flying the Denver Bronco flag out front. 
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