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17 September 2012

Picture in Picture
I started these lists in an attempt to keep myself accountable for getting things done.  If we didn't go anywhere or do anything, there would be nothing to write about.  So I apologize for boring you with the mundane details of our lives, dressed up as accomplishments, but I do think the accountability has kept us more active than we otherwise would have been. 

Now on with the list...
  • Made easy Chocolate Coffee Ice Cream.
  • Friday morning emergency pool hose repair...later learning that there is a shut off valve to that hose that would have saved the ineffective tape/soaking multitudes of clean towels/frantic effort/sanity/wet flip flops/etc..  Note to not assume that anything is husband's realm alone.  Learn how to take care of the whole house, not just the inside stuff...even how to mow the yard despite the possible encounters with Mr. No-Shoulders. 
  • Survived Jonny having to travel 7 hours to scout a football game and come home 19 hours after he last left.  Life lesson: complaining ahead of time won't change it, doing it isn't as bad as it seems when you have friends with you, and afterwards you realize that it is such small potatoes that you shouldn't have spent energy being pissy about it in the first place.
  • Started book club with the wonderful Edie at Life in Grace.  So in love with this book club.  If you are interested in reading classic works (we are starting with antiquity this year -one book per month) and discussing online with a great group of ladies from around the country, please join up with us!  I can't say enough good things about it.
  • Shipped an order to an APO address in Germany!  I love our military families, and am so excited that a Whitehall Shop piece is going to be hanging up in Germany.  I feel so international!
  • Made an Apple Cheese Danish to go with brunch on Sunday.  Delicious. 
  • Watched copious amounts of football. 
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