Keeping Up VI

24 September 2012

Watching her Broncos.
Fall is here!  Though the weather here is still a little too warm to break out the pumpkin recipes in earnest.  I do love this time of year as we settle into new routines and anticipate all of the coming events, meals, games, holidays, gatherings, and other miscellaneous cozy moments that fall brings.

This past week...
  • Paid a ridiculous amount of money to have a new garage motor and springs installed.  However, the door is now almost silent, and the risk of serious injury or death has been greatly reduced.  Good things.
  • We celebrated a neighbor's birthday on Saturday at her home with fantastic live spanish guitarists, and great friends.
  • Jonny made Beer Can Chickens for the Sunday game between the Texans and Broncos.  Kind of a big deal for us when the old hometown team plays the current hometown team.  The Bronco flag was waving proudly, the baby was dressed in orange, and the chicken was delicious. 
  • Finished The Odyssey and am very excited for Friday's book club over at Life in Grace. 
  • Began tackling the hedge trimming that was very needed in the front yard.  The boxwoods are done, but the hibiscus are unruly.  It will take a certain amount of thinking through to trim them, since they sprout like crazy where trimmed back, and are now this terrible Y shape that needs to be corrected.  Hence the slow feet on that project. 
  • Opened the window for the first time since Spring!  There is almost nothing more invigorating than fresh air blowing through our house on a weekend morning.  I start out the day feeling like there is nothing I can't accomplish.  Now we are back to warm and muggy mornings, but it was a taste of things to come and we are getting excited!
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