National Sewing Month

05 September 2012

Happy National Sewing Month!
Don't worry.  No one else knew about it either.  But I do love an excuse for a celebration, don't you?
In honor of National Sewing Month, I thought that I would show some examples of my favorite kind of sewing: sewing on paper (all little lovies from Whitehall Shop, of course).
"Pray" 8x10 Stitched lettering and paper collage

Birds on a Wire 8x10 Paper collage with stitching
"Love" Stitched lettering and paper collage.

Pink Kites 11x14 Paper collage with stitching.
"Smile" 8x10 Stitched lettering with paper collage.

Bird in a Cage 11x14 Paper collage with stitching.
To see more Whitehall Shop selections, including more pieces that include sewing on paper, visit The Shop!
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