Pinterest Recipes Accomplished Part I

19 September 2012

I thought I would share with you the recipes that we have tried from Pinterest, and give my take on them, but I started writing down what we have tried, and the list came out to 27 different things!  As to not bore you to tears, or tease your appetite, with that many pictures, I figured that I would break it down into a couple of posts. Today we start with the Breads.


Yes, I love bread so much that it did, indeed, deserve a Pin Board all to itself.
This Honey Beer Bread is so amazingly delicious, that you will not regret how much melted butter you put on it before it goes in the oven.  It is one of the best breads that I have ever had.  But have company over and eat it all the first day, since it gets dry and stale after it cools.  Also, we tried it once with a darker amber beer (I forget which one), and once with a Coors Light.  The darker beer make it better, but I wouldn't hesitate to make it with Coors Light again.
I have made these twice now, too.  The 30 Minute Yeast Rolls are just like the fluffy, yeasty rolls that you can get from the cafeteria (Don't knock cafeteria food...I have great memories of Luby's with my grandparents after church on speak against that, and we have a problem).  Be careful to bake them long enough.  The first time, the outside rolls were great, but the middle rolls were doughy.  Error on the side of overdone.  They are really that quick though.
Mmmm...Pretzel Bites.  I can't honestly remember if we made this recipe, or the pretzel recipe that we already had.  This pin got me to make bites though, instead of making the full knotted pretzels.  It was so easy to just cut the dough up that I might never go back to the rolling and knotting (which I was never very proficient at anyway).
To go along with your pretzel bites, I highly recommend this Beer Cheese Dip.  I have to say that it was honestly not the flavor I was expecting at first, but I couldn't stop eating it.  It had the right amount of creamy, mustardy, cheesey, and tangy from the beer.  It is the perfect pretzel dip.
This Pumpkin Cheesecake Bread, is listed on my Desserts board, because it really is a good sweet, and if I didn't think of it as dessert, I might eat it for breakfast, and that isn't good for anyone.  It was a huge hit both at our house and Jon's work.  The cream cheese layer does get a bit gelatinous, but I loved the flavor so much that the texture didn't bother me.  So excited that fall is coming!
Okay, your turn.  Spill.  What recipes have you tried from Pinterest?
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