Pinterest Recipes Accomplished Part II

20 September 2012

So the Breakfast Board would be next alphabetically, but who doesn't like skipping ahead to Dessert?
If you are just joining in, I am recapping the recipes that I have tried from Pinterest.  We all see the pictures and wonder, "Is it really as tasty as they say?" or "Does it really turn out looking like the pictures?"  So far, I have to say that I have had much more success than not.  Granted, I have only tried 27 out of the hundreds of recipes that I have pinned, and I usually start with the ones that seem do-able.  But how about three cheers are trying something new, and succeeding (choose the beverage of your choice!).
Now on with the goods...


I am surprised that we haven't made more desserts, because my board makes me drool every time I look at it, but desserts seem like they are for special occasions.  Who eats 4-layer cakes on Wednesday night after dinner?

Boston Cream Pie is my favorite. This No-Bake Boston Cream Pie Strata wasn't the same, but it was very, very good. First off, there was lots of controversy in the comments for it about using instant vanilla pudding versus from-scratch pastry creams and puddings and blah, blah, blah. Yes, I love putting on the fancy every once in a while, but if I was getting fancy, I would just make a real Boston Cream Pie. For this, it was super easy, and tasted great for a quick dessert (quick to through together, but you have to let it sit overnight in the fridge to let the pudding soften the graham crackers). We would definitely make this again.

I have seen these Sopapilla Cheesecake Bars on every one's Pinterest Boards, and it is no surprise.  They are super easy and delicious.  The neighbors loved them, the family loved them, everyone loves them.  I have seen the crescent roll and cream cheese mixture (1 brick cream cheese, 1/2 cup sugar, tsp. vanilla), applied in so many ways (our breakfast list has one for the mornings).  Now I have stared mixing it up with new ingredients.  The recent incarnation was adding 3 sliced apples tossed in cinnamon and sugar to the 8x8 pan after the cream cheese mixture, but before the top layer of crescents.  So good.

So let's get the danger aspect out of the way...Yes, it could explode.  If you are not a good instruction follower, have your friends make it for you.  However, if you follow the instructions, namely the part about keeping it covered with water and not taking it out of the water until 100% cooled, then you will have no troubles, and only the most delicious Dulce de Leche.  We did the stove top version (versus the crock pot or oven versions), and let it sit in the water in the pan overnight.  Make multiple cans, you will put it on everything (as in spoon just happened to fall in a get a big heaping scoop...oh well, have to eat it now, kind of way).
Okay, this one is bad y'all.  Like two adults, who are supposed to have a little self control ate 30,000 calories of Apple Cinnamon Monkey Bread (yes, with pecans) in less than 30 hours, bad.  Because it had apple in it, we even had some for breakfast.  So stinkin' good.  It'll make the accent come out of you.  Make sure to eat this in the company of others.  You will have to walk it off for years if you don't share it.
Lest you think that I like everything that we have tried, here is one for the scrap pile.  I don't remember if I tried these peppermint patties or another recipe (though this was the only one on my board), but they were a little weird.  They were not terrible, but a little chalky, and just not the same as the store bought kind.  Disappointing.
Here is another one that had mixed reviews in our house.  I do love, nom, nom.  And this Whipped Shortbread recipe was not bad, and they literally melted in your mouth.  But I, and my husband for sure, am not sure that I want my shortbread to melt in my mouth.  I kind of like a denser shortbread.  To each his own, but these are not keepers for us.
Let me also mention one other fail.  Any dessert that is made by tossing a couple of ingredients in a cup and cooking it in the microwave is not good, and never worth the calories.  I get the appeal, but please, stop. Aside from the piping hot lava, bland, dish sponge that results, think of what you just put in that cup.  1/4 Cup sugar, 1 egg, flour, etc.  Would you eat any of those ingredients separately at that moment, or is it just the chocolate monster inside of you that is forcing you to make this concoction at 9:30 p.m.?  Desserts are good because they are treats.  They are not good when they are filling in for some other need you may have in life.  Mug cakes/brownies/etc. should all be retired along with the cat themed Christmas sweaters worn by the people that make them.  Yes, this is harsh, but I speak from personal experience.  Put the mug down, go call a friend, and have a laugh instead.  (Soapbox moment finished)
Now it is your turn.  You must tell me what amazing desserts you have enjoyed from Pinterest.  Also, if you eat 4-layer cakes on Wednesday night after dinner, please tell me more about your lifestyle.  I need details! 
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