Pinterest Recipes Accomplished Part III

25 September 2012

Who doesn't like a good brunch on the weekends.  We try to jazz up the normal cereal and toast routine on the weekends with at least one good breakfast.  So without further ado...

This one is called Blueberry Breakfast Casserole, and I am not sure who they are trying to fool.  This is cake people.  It is delicious cake that highlights just how essential lemons are to blueberries.  And it follows our previously mentioned rule that adding fruit to dessert makes it okay for breakfast.
This little Blackberry Cheese Danish is in the same family as the Sopapilla Cheesecake from the Dessert board.  You lay out crescent roll dough, and add the cream cheese trinity (cream cheese, sugar, vanilla), then for this version, you add fruit and pull the sides of the dough over the top and bake.  Fancy, delicious, easy, sure to lead to poor health if consumed outside the bounds of know, the norm when it comes to danish.
These thick Whole Wheat Banana Pancakes are an excellent hearty man kind of breakfast.  If you have some fall leaf raking to do, start your day with these.  They were very tasty, and fell into the hefty pancake variety versus the light and fluffy.  I do like the flavor of whole wheat pancakes, so it isn't always about trying to be healthy, but let's be honest, these aren't healthy just because of the whole wheat and banana.  They are delicious though.
And this little cutie is not a recipe, but I did happen upon his pretty little face on Pinterest.  I had to pin him straight away, because I received him as a wedding gift four years ago from my co-workers who thought that my love for Texas was...let's say...humorous.  Six months later I was packing up to move back to the Great State and this little guy reminds me of those great friends every time we make waffles...which is often.
That is it for the Breakfast board.  Stay tuned for the Meals board.  That list is much longer!
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Don't forget to share what recipes you have tried from Pinterest.  I love hearing form you!
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