In the Shop: New Appliqués

26 October 2012

Now I don't want you thinking that all I talk about is food and my grandparents (though that may not actually be that far off), so we are getting to some goodies today!

Head over to the shop to check out the new selection of appliqués in the appropriately titled "Appliqués" section.  There are not only new fabric choices for some favorite designs, but also some new designs available as well.

Here are some of my faves:

Blue Argyle Cowboy Boot

Multi-colored Paisley Lovebird

Muli-colored Paisley Heart Trio

Blue Dot Rocketship with Golden Plaid Fins

Pink Argyle Heart Trio, Large

Lavender and Pink Flowered Five Petal Flower with Golden Flowered Center

Green Plaid Dinosaur
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