Keeping Up VII

01 October 2012

Welcome October!

It is finally starting to feel like fall with walking weather outside and orange spice tea in my cup. It may finally be time to make something pumpkin-y.

I am feeling completely inspired by the fabulous bloggers who are posting their "31 Days" series' and linking up through The Nester.  Each blogger is committed to post once a day during the month of October on their particular area of expertise.  I love the concept and might participate next year.  For me, this October is going to me 31 days of printmaking madness before the holiday season gets here in earnest (No, Hobby Lobby, I do not believe that July is an apporpriate time to start setting out Christmas decorations.  I do hope my opinion on this matter doesn't cloud our friendship.).

Now onto the business at hand.  This week, we...
  • Received about 3" of rain, and enjoyed watching several waves of downpours from the garage.
  • Held CT's hands as she marched miles around the house all week.  I love her determination!
  • Enjoyed Jonny's day off on Friday with the added bonus of no football scouting far away that night!
  • Had a Saturday girl's day as Jonny was on a school field trip to NASA all day.
  • Re-caulked the kitchen backsplash and sink
  • Cleaned all downstairs windows (on the inside).  This was a much easier task back in the apartment days with only two windows to worry about.  We will get the outsides next weekend when it is not raining.  I feel that cleaning the outsides will bring on the rain, though, similar to a good car wash. 
  • Cleaned the dishwasher and washing machine.  Yes, I think cleaning machines should be able to clean themselves, too. 
  • Watched some football.  It's what we do.
  • Copious amounts of laundry...all folded and put away before the weekend ended.  Yeah, that's one for the victory column. 
  • Took two new Whitehall Shop collections from the sketch stage to the cutting stage.  Stay tuned!!!

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