Keeping Up VIII

15 October 2012

Well it has been two weeks since we last met for this little recap, and I hope I have something to show for it.  Let's see, in the last two weeks we have...
  • Made pumpkin scones.  It was touted to be like the Starbucks recipe, and they were delicious.  Never having had the Starbucks variety, I was not aware of the portion difference.  The recipe said to cut into six sections.  I should have cut into at least twelve sections.  They were as big as my hand.  And as you can well imagine, I had no trouble eating a whole one each time I sat down to do so. 
  • Attended CT's first petting zoo.  She was timid, but gave the sweetest giggles when momma and daddy touched the animals.  She called everybody duck, though only the actual duck responded to his name.  The puppies and goats garnered squeals of delight, and the young camel got curious smiles.  Too much fun. 
  • Made Cashew Chicken from a combination of two online recipes.  It was very good, and I am happy to say that we are branching out from only knowing how to make Peanut Chicken in the "Chinese" category in this house.  Oh, what nut will our chicken run into next?!?
  • Visited the old work stomping grounds to visit with friends.  CT was darling as ever, and a hit wherever she goes.
  • Scoped out a children's consignment shop near the old work stomping grounds, and ended up with four dresses, two pairs of jeans, and one of the cutest little shirts I have ever seen, all for under $40.  CT is now set for the Christmas trip to Colorado (and the extra layers that entails).
  • Jonny went to the Sunday night Texans game with a neighbor, and had a great time, despite a maddening loss.
  • Put the pool away for the winter.  Cleaned out the garage at the same time.  Sad about the pool.  Very happy about the garage.
  • Watched CT learn how to stand up in her crib on the video monitor.  Darn.  Added 'lower crib again' to the list for this week. 
  • Had to have the AC fixed after the cap blew.  I say 'the cap blew' because that is what the AC guy said.  I have no idea what that means other than 'expensive.'
  • Started making extra runs to the grocery store for milk.  We are now a four gallon per week family.  That is one more gallon than we have family members. Is that crazy?
  • Collected some pecans on our morning walk.  Used the "East Texas" method to crush a couple of them open with my bare hands (using another pecan to squeeze against the first), and then resorted to a hammer to open the rest on the back patio.  We need a nut cracker so that we can bring our autumn pecan tradition out of the deep woods and into cultured society.  No matter how cracked, they sure were delicious.
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