New Category Labels in Shop

18 October 2012

Who goes shopping for 5x5 & 5x7 prints?  I guess if you are really particular about the space you have to fill, and don't care what the artwork looks like, maybe that works for you.  I am not that person, and so the old 'bureaucratic'* size-based labels had to go.
I don't usually go on a hunt for specific sized artwork for specific places.  In fact I have several empty spaces on my walls right now that could use a little color.  But I don't want to cloud my rooms with just anything.  I want to find art that I love, and then find a home for it on my walls. 
All print sizes are still available, but each print is now listed under its proper subject category**, instead of by size. 
Hopefully the new category labels help you to find your next favorite piece of art at the Whitehall Shop.  Let me know what you think.
*I tend to refer to all things mundane, and 'efficiency-driven' (for example, the term 'efficiency-driven') as bureaucratic.  It is a hold over from my previous job where I was, indeed, a bureaucratic paper pusher.  Have I mentioned to you lately just how much I love my little Whitehall Shop? 
** Can you tell why I was good at being a bureaucratic paper pusher?  "Proper subject category" {said with snarky bouncing poor imitation of a robber barron voice}. I even over-think and categorize the creative things in my life.  I need help. :)
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