Pockets Full of Pecans

24 October 2012

One of my favorite things about fall in Texas is the pecans.  And for the record, Paula Deen, with all due respect, you are wrong.  It is pronounced "Puh-cahn," not "Pee-can."  My evidence for this is the fact that Pecans were first discovered in Texas by the Spanish, who then disseminated them around their lands.  It is the State Tree of Texas and we say, "Puh-cahn." 
Pecan Man
But back to the beauty of autumn...our neighborhood was built amongst an existing pecan grove, and the trees in this area are tall and beautiful.  They are also shedding their pecans like crazy right now. Court and I are more than happy to help ourselves to the freshly fallen capsules while on our walks.  Don't worry, we are not taking them out of people's yards, as that would be rude.  But I think that if they fall onto the sidewalk, they are fair game. 
I remember going for walks through the Rosedale neighborhood with my grandparents in Austin and filling my pockets full of pecans that had fallen.  I would then seat myself in front of the TV in the den and spend all afternoon cracking open the nuts while Grandpa watched Matlock and Colombo. 
I am not an expert pecan cracker, so I rarely get whole pieces out, and it looks a bit squirrely to watch me digging in the shells for every last morsel, but they are so buttery and delicious, and so worth it.  Just like every other home-grown food, pecans are just better than store-bought when you get them from right underneath the tree.
What are your fall favorites right now?  Are they connected to childhood memories?

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  1. Oh, you brought such delightful memories. <3
    I am with you... I say Pah con -- with emphasis on the "con". thanks for sharing :D

  2. So where do we buy them locally? Like enough to make LOTS of bourbon balls!!!

    1. Hi Mary,

      There is a farm right around the bend from us called LeBlanc Pecans, and I have been searching for thier info on the web, and can only find their phone number. There is another local one down here, www.rbbagleypecans.com. Texas Pecan Co. has an outlet store that seems relatively close to DFW Airport. Their website is, www.texaspecanco.com.

      Usually the prices are around $10/lb. if bought from a local dealer. Since I am the pick-'em-up-off-the-sidewalk variety cheapskate, I usually wait for them to go on sale at Kroger for $5.99/lb. Like I said, not as good as from under the tree, but fits the budget.

      Happy Bourbon Ball making!