The Great Carrot Harvest of 2012

23 October 2012

This past spring, we were feeling downright green in the thumbs.  We planted pumpkin seeds that we had saved from last year (more on that later), and carrots.  We don't have a great track record, so we figured two veggies was enough.  Baby steps, people.
I have very fond memories of harvesting carrots one year with my Grandpa.  He was a master gardener.  He grew spinach, tomatoes, zucchini, rhubarb, swiss chard, green beans, peas, strawberries, and I know that I am forgetting so much more. 
Can we talk about how organized that wood pile is in the background?  I love that man!!!
One year, after he dug up the carrots, I helped him wash them off (as you can tell from the picture, my pile was quite small, and my 'help' was probably more theoretical than actual).  We plunged our hands into the icy water (Colorado hose water is cold stuff, y'all), and I remember my 'stylish' fuzzy purple and teal sweater getting wet with each dip.  Afterwards, we went inside and grandma made us some hot chocolate for our efforts.  Actually, I had hot chocolate; Grandpa probably had a cup of coffee.  Hot chocolate wasn't really his thing, and washing the carrots was less of a feat in his daily schedule.  For me though, I was master carrot washer for the day, with a chocolate mustache as my crowning laurel. 
Well, back to our carrots, I checked the top of one through the soil to see if it was large enough to pull up, and it looked HUGE!!!  I was so excited.  We did it!!!  We grew a vegetable and didn't kill it half way through the season!!!  I waited impatiently for Jon to get home so we could rip those carrots out and get a good dose of Vitamin A for dinner that night. 
And then...
Our first carrot turned out to be, as we say in Texas, "Big hat, no cattle."  He was about an inch around at the top, and then...well, you see.  He made for a pre-dinner snack of about two bites.  I will say that he was deliciously carrot-y in ways that grocery store carrots just aren't.  So we have continued to let the remaining carrots do their growing thing, and hopefully they will bulk up enough for at least a little side dish.
I still have a long way to go before I can compete with Grandpa's carrots.  But we have taken our first steps, and that has to count for something.  I think I will go make some hot chocolate...and water our carrots.   
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