What Your Favorite Color Says About You...

12 October 2012

Color speaks to us, but it also speaks about us to others. The colors we use to clothe ourselves, decorate our homes, and even the color of our cars tell the world a little bit about ourselves.
Do you always use your favorite colors? Or do the colors you use send a different message than you thought you were projecting?

In high school, I wore a lot of black. From my perspective, I thought I was hiding a bit...staying below the radar. From the outside though, it made me look dark, mean, sickly, unhappy, etc. (Mind you, this was not a classy black with kicky accessories, it was the moody high school black sweatshirt and jeans with ponytail hair every day. Depressing, right?) That wasn't who I was. But it was what I was telling the world about me.
So what does your favorite color tell others about you?

Pink: Pink is a sensitive color.  Like its mother hue, Red, it does draw attention, but in a subtler way.  Pink is a feminine color, and associated with romance, love, youth, and friendship.  It is a shy color compared to red, but one that still wants to be noticed.
Red: Red is an energy color.  Red says, "Look at me!"  It is a color associated with deep passions and also vibrant energy.  Red makes a statement and is excellent for calling attention and focus to something. It is a hot color that encourages excitement (and even rage in some). Red is the person in the room who holds every one's attention.
Orange: Orange mixes red and yellow, and also their qualities.  Orange is a warm color that demonstrates enthusiasm and happiness.  Orange doesn't take itself too seriously and enjoys warm and friendly environments.  It is a strong color that can bring feelings of both freshness and comfort (think citrus fruits, but also fall pumpkins).
Yellow: Yellow is unabashedly happy.  Its brightness stimulates mental and physical activity, and it is often seen as a color of childhood and youthful vitality.  It is a warm color, but not as intense as its orange and red cousins.  Yellow can be overstimulating if used too much, but can brighten any darkness if used as an accent.
Green: Green is serene.  It is the most restful of all the colors, as it is relaxing to the eye.  It is a cool color and evokes calmness.  Green is a life-giving color as it reminds of nature, freshness, and growth.  It lends itself well for slowing down and appreciating the world around us.
Blue: Blue is such a storied color.  It can be airy, like the cloud swept sky, or it can be strong, like the inky ocean depths.  It is a masculine color that evokes trust and tradition.  Blue's coolness can be very calming and tranquil, and it is often associated with religious piety. 
Purple:  Purple is a mix of blue and red and brings together blue's coolness and tradition, with red's energy and attention getting.  Its rareness in nature makes it a luxurious color that is often associated with royalty.  It is a feminine color, being creative, yet still bold and dignified.  It is often linked with history and nostalgia.
Brown:  Brown is a stable color.  Its connections to earth and being grounded are strong.  Brown is a trustworthy color and it is generally masculine.  It can be a sad color when leaning toward cool hues, but can also be a rich and warm color when infused with warmer hues.  Like gray, it is a neutral that conveys respectability, but also mutates to fit with those around it.
Black:  Black is a formal color that connotes elegance and prestige.  However, it is also a color associated with grief, sadness, loss, and fear.  It is a color often associated with magic and the unknown.  It brings sophistication and strength, but also a little aggressiveness. 

Gray:  Gray blends black and white, and the particular shade or tint of gray will change its conveyance.  Darker gray is more formal and leans toward the qualities of black (sophistication, prestige), and lighter gray trends toward the qualities of white (purity, cleanliness, innocence).  Gray can also take on warm and cool tones depending on the addition of warm or cool hues.  It is a neutral color that is seen as intellectual and yet shy and muted.
White:  White is the color of purity, both worldly and religiously.  White is used by many faiths to symbolize goodness.  It is also the color of innocence and virginity.  It is a fantastic color for evoking cleanliness and cool calmness.  Interestingly, in paints and pigments, white is the absence of pigment or color.  In light, however, white is the combination of all colors in the light spectrum added together. 
So what is your favorite color?  Do you think it fits with your personality?  Do you use it often in decorating or your clothing choices?
My favorite colors are purple and green.  I can't get enough of them.  Though purple has not found its way into our decorating, green has. And they do seem to fit my personality pretty well.
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