Keeping Up IX

01 November 2012

Hello friends.  It has been too long since we last chatted.  How was your Halloween?  We had a very enjoyable holiday with our little ballerina.  Aside from that, we have been up to lots lately, so without further ado...

  • We visited No Label Brewing Co., in Katy, TX, again for their Saturday tasting, with live music, lawn chairs, and good brews.  The weather was beautiful this time around.  It was finally the right temperature to wear jeans and jackets and considering that it was the end of October, it finally felt right.
  • We took a stroll through the Harvest Festival at Faith UMC in Richmond, TX, where Court managed to fit in her second petting zoo experience of the month, and we snapped pictures until we were silly in the pumpkin patch, all before going on a hay ride.  Just perfect.
  • I have begun some spray painting projects that I will have to show you once we are a little further along.  Currently they are sitting in the garage for Jonny to carefully drive over (but not on) while they wait for another coat of paint.  Oh, the glamour of DIY projects!
  • We had a wonderful visit with Court's grandparents who came in for a long weekend.  Good food ensued.
  • We hit up 4 houses for trick-or-treating for Court's first time out.  She was beyond adorable, and I do think she received extra candy because of it (4 houses + cute ballerina = 12 pieces of candy).  She loved walking the sidewalks and is so close to walking without hanging on to Mom or Dad for help. 
  • I have been taking an online course through Hillsdale College about Western Heritage.  Highly recommended.  I love their online courses.  Copious notes have been written.
  • We finally hung some artwork on the very bare wall in the guest room, and added some books to the bookshelf that was sitting bare, longing to fulfil his purpose in life.  Pictures will follow.
  • We finally hung (sensing a theme?) the wooden letters that Court received for her birthday in her room.  More on her room later. Oh, there is just so much to tell you, and so little time!
  • And just to irk my college professors, lots of passive language has been used in this post.
What have you been up to lately?  Any projects started?  Tell me about your Halloween!!!
Happy Trails!
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